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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heater

What's Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heater ?

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heater technologies offer significant advantages over metal-based sheath heaters that have limitations in thermal performance or material compatibility. The ceramic heaters can operate in atmospheric and vacuum environments up to 1200°C. With its excellent thermal conductivity, and chemical resistance to most acidic and alkaline solutions, these compact robust heaters are an ideal solution for demanding thermal applications. New levels of machine design and thermal performance can be achieved through the excellent thermal, dielectric, and physical properties of Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Heater. Ceramic heaters can be custom designed to optimize thermal performance for instrumentation and equipment applications. For more information, Please refer to "Thick Film Heater"

Aluminum Nitride Heating Element Advantages :
Reaching 600°C in 5 seconds!
Fast heating and fast cooling are possible.
Has thermal conductivity close to that of metallic aluminum.
Small coefficient of thermal expansion.
High electrical insulation.
Excellent corrosion resistance.
Thermal conductivity equivalent to aluminum for fast and uniform thermal response
Watt density higher than any metal or ceramic heater technology for concentrated heat in a small area
Integrated RTD sensor for optimum heater temperature control
Dielectric strength eliminates need for magnesium oxide insulation (MgO) layer used in metal heaters
Heater temperature up to 1000°C (1832°F) for high-temperature applications
Low porosity non-stick surface reduces potential for process contamination
Chemically inert to most acid and alkaline environments
High mechanical strength, hardness and wear resistance for industrial applications

Appilcation:USB heating plate, food cooking heating, small heating equipment, warm clothing heating, nursing heating sheet, etc. widely applicable and suitable for medium and small power heating occasions

SPEC: Resistane Value : 10M ohm +/-10% (Customizable)

Operating temperature range: 120-180℃

Working voltage : > 30KV (AC)

Dielectric strength : >1250Vrmas/50Hz/1min