Thick Film Heaters

What is Thick Film Heaters ?

Thick Film Heaters or calls Thick Film Ceramic Heaters is manufactured in a completely different way than ordinary heating elements. A thick film heating element consists of a Stainless Steel or Ceramic substrate (plate), on which an insulation layer is printed, then a layer of resistive paste, followed by a contact and connective layer, and finally all these layers are covered with top enamel layer.

Our company can produce various types of Thick film heaters based on Metal core or Ceramic substrate, the products are widely used such as Laser Printer thick film heater, Hair Straightener Thick Film Heater, E-Cigarettes Thick Film Heater, Also including Video Camera Lens Defoggers Heaters, Clear LCD Heaters, Food Service Equipment Heaters, Mirror Heater/Defoggers Heaters, Fluorescent Bulb Starters Heaters, Packaging/Sealing Bar Heaters, Medical Equipment Heaters. etc.

At present, there are two main production processes of thick film heater, one is printed on metal substrate, the other is printed on ceramic substrate: (Thick Film Metal Core Heater, Thick Film Ceramic Heater) .

1. Thick Film Metal Core Heaters:
Thick Film Metal Core Heaters are suitable for applications with surface loads up to 50 W/cm². Appropriate heat dissipation by water or another medium is required.Thick Film Metal Core Heaters use insulated chrome steel or chrome nickel steel as base material. The high mechanical stability allows molding of the metal base as well as using insert technology for combination with plastic materials. Additionally to general characteristics of Thick Film metal core heating elements, the following advantages are offered by usage of metal core heating elements: Moldability of the base material, Mechanical stability of the base material, Can be injected into plastic.

2. Thick Film Ceramic Heaters:
Thick Film Ceramic Heaters are used when high temperatures are required, fast responses or temperature gradients are needed or products need to be heated in certain areas in a targeted way. Ceramic Heaters typical operating temperatures range from 300°C to 700°C (550°F – 1300°F) producing infrared wavelengths ideal for caramelization of breads, warming and heating of foods, curing of coatings, and softening or welding of plastics.Thick film ceramic elements heaters are capable of transferring up to 92% of their input as radiant energy, maximum efficiency is reached when the emitted wavelength and the absorption spectrum of the material to be heated are optimized.
The performance of Ceramic Heating elements with ceramic base material is dependent on the respective application or area.Thick Film heating elements was created to maximize heater efficiency and performance while maintaining durability and design flexibility. The possible power density without thermal compensation is approx. 5 to 10 W/cm². For higher power per area rates (up to a maximum of 30 W/cm²) the heating element has to be connected to a compensating material such as aluminum, copper or brass.

Thick Film Ceramic Heaters are designed to suit your application. Shape, size and electrical properties can be set and optimized for each heating job. In addition we can provide electrical connectors, thermal sensors, temperature limiters and controls. Also we are experienced in assisting in solutions for installation of thick film heaters in appliances.
Thick Film Metal Core Heaters are intended for contact heating of flat surfaces and for heating of liquids through a flat wall. Compared with an ordinary tubular heating element, a heating element on a sheet metal provides substantially better heat transfer into a flat wall. Thick film heating elements can also be of benefit in applications, where low thickness of the heating element is important.
If you are considering the application of thick film elements, a consultation with our Technical Department is highly recommended for detailed specification of particular requirements.


The most representative applications of Thick Film Heaters:

Thick Film Heaters for Laser Printer
Thick Film Heaters for Hair Straightener
Thick Film Heaters for E-Cigarettes
Thick Film Heaters for Camera Lens Defoggers
Thick Film Heaters for Clear LCD
Thick Film Heaters for Food Service Equipment
Thick Film Heaters for Mirror Heater/Defoggers
Thick Film Heaters for Blanket Battery Back-Up
Thick Film Heaters for Outdoor Enclosure
Thick Film Heaters for Fluorescent Bulb Starters
Thick Film Heaters for Packaging/Sealing Bar
Thick Film Heaters for Medical Equipment

Main advantages:

Vibration and shock resistant
Flexibility in size and shape
Faster response and ramp-up times
Thin, flexible construction
Superior heat transfer
Ideal for high volumes or specialized applications
Multi-zoned wattage or voltage combination can be custom designed
Uniform heat distribution
Unlimited heater configurations.and connections
surface to meet the specific needs of the application
Better use of limited space due to higher watt densities and low profiles