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Customer Quality Engineer

Foshan 2021/07/5


MI Engineer




Sales Assistant

Hong Kong


Customer Quality Job Responsibilities:

This role is to take the lead for a wide range of topics and to gather relevant information to ensure a good communication. It is responsible to both build and maintain the trust our customers give us by accompany them.
- Communicate efficiently with the customers to provide them with the best service level
- Quality claims management
- Technical discussion and collaboration with customers to provide them with help and solutions to solve their problems
- Working with internal teams and the factories in a continuous improvement mindset
- Follow the customers during the audit of the factories
- Follow up of customers’ satisfaction

MI Engineer Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for PCB fabrication feasibility assessment,analysis PCB potential defect and the quality problems that may arise in the production process,Forward the engineering proposal and solution to customer.

2.Follow up the EQ confirmation,complete the manufacture instruction and filing finally .

3.According to feedback from customer to assist the technical department and quality department to finish the pre-analysis before produce,summarize,smooth and improve the production process.

4.Responsible for reviewing and optimize the panelization design to improve the utilization of sheet and reduce production costs.


Sales Assistan Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for PCB technology promotion, corporate image advertising, presentations, prepared for the application documents and commercial bid documents, tender price bidding,Also need to take part in the electronic exhibition.

2.Responsible for the PCB quotation and price audits, preparation of contract review book,Being able to quote quickly and accurately;To reply the reason why the PCB designed with special requirement will affect the price.

3.Responsible for old customer maintenance and secondary development, such as regularly visiting client,conference call,technical exchanges,in order to achieve and consolidate business relation.


1) Panda PCB works 8 hours * 5.5 days per week;
2) We have rich and colorful cultural activities, such as: birthday parties (sending gifts), annual dinner, annual meeting, year-end lucky draw, year-end awards and annual travels;
3) The company buy social insurance(three insurances) for each employee.

Foshan China.
E-mail: hr@panda-pcb.com