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  • Invest in Sheet Metal Stamping machine for Multi-Wire Wipers
  • Invest in Laser welding and CNC machine for Multi-Wire Wipers
  • Research and development of Multi-Wire Wipers
  • Wire Material : Paliney 6 (Alloy:Pd, Ag, Cu, Au, Pt, Zn)


  • Invest in laser Cutting machine for FPC products,
  • Invest in lamination (Pressing) machine for Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Research and development of Rigid-Flex PCB with HDI (6L, 1+N+1)
  • Research and development of LED Strip Lights (FPC)
  • Research and development of Interdigital Electrodes (IDEs) based on Ceramic PCB
  • IDE of Material Substrate Can be : Aluminium Oxide, Aluminium Nitride, glass, silicon wafers, piezoelectric ceramics, PI , FR4,


  • Invest in laser drilling machine for HDI board,
  • Research and development of HDI multilayer board (10L, 1+1+N+1+1)
  • LDI vacuum exposure machine special for HDI board.
  • Vias in PAD to be resin filled with plating pluged.


  • Establishment of Thick film resistor PCB division
  • Passed TS16949 certification (automotive products)
  • Thick film carbon materials imported from Japan,
  • Research and development of automobile Throttle Position Sensor (FR4 PCB)
  • Invest in Laser Trimming machine (adjusting resistor tolerance)
  • Research and development of Thick Film Hybird Circuit (Ceramic PCB)
  • Research and developmentof Thick Film Heaters/Elements


  • A set of new laminate machine with hot and cool press is installed on the plant and we adjust layout of laminate process in order to increase production capacity and capability.
  • In order to response “clean production” from government, we use natural gas on boiler of laminate machine and staff canteen on the plant.
  • Total 22 Main equipments purchased on 2015, list as follows:
    Ionic contamination machine
    Parallel exposure machine
    OPE punching hole machine
    Automatic coating machine
    Hitachi Drilling Machine
    Fast press machine
    E-tester (10+)
    Six axis- routing machine
    DSC Tg tester


  • Was awarded as"Labor Law Model Company of Foshan" for the first time.
  • Was elected as "PCB National Brand Company" during the first National Brand competition event if Chinese electronic industy.
  • New routing machine is installed on the factory.
  • Sample for copper block plugged in the hole is submited to customer successfully.
  • New automatic V-cut machine is installed on factory.
  • Automatic exposure machine of solder mask is installed on the factory.
  • We get UL approval on Rogers 4350B
  • Automatic machine on component mark is used and new routing machine is installed on the plant.


  • passed GJB qualification.
  • centralized cost control organization was founded.
  • factory passed ISO/TS16949 qualification


  • awarded as the member of Foshan Credit Association.
  • awarded as the leading enterprise of Waste Reduction Enterprise in Foshan.


  • awarded as the hi-tech enterprise of Foshan City
  • water re-cycling system was launched
  • corporate ERP system was officially released


  • Panda PCB Technology Co., Ltd was established