Carbon PCB

High Voltage Resistor Ceramic PCB

What's High Voltage Resistor Ceramic PCB?

High Voltage Resistor Ceramic PCB, It also calls High Voltage Ceramic Resistor PCB, A Thick Film Carbon of resistive ink is screen printed high alumina substrates. A special laser machine is used to achieve the highly precise resistance tolerance by trimming. Tin coated electrolytic copper wire are soldered to the termination. The Alumina High Voltage Resistor PCB are coated with special silicon conformal coating for electrical, mechanical and climatic protection, marking is done with respect to designated value on coated Resistor. High Voltage Resistor Ceramic PCB has the advantages of circuit miniaturization together with increased reliability, low weight and Low cost.
High voltage
Wide range of resistors
Pulse withstanding design available
Flame proof coating available
Easy to mount
Custom built design and values available
Appilcation:Instruments, meters, microfiltration furnace, industrial equipment, household appliances, frequency converter products

SPEC: Resistane Value : 10M ohm +/-10% (Customizable)

Operating temperature range: 120-180℃

Working voltage : > 30KV (AC)

Dielectric strength : >1250Vrmas/50Hz/1min

For more information , Please refer to "Thick Film Hybrid Circuit"