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Ceramic Interdigital Electrodes

What's Ceramic Interdigital Electrodes ?

Ceramic Interdigital Electrodes (Ceramic IDEs) are one of the most popular transducers, widely employed in various technological and analytical applications, especially in the field of biological and chemical sensors due to their low cost, ease of fabrication process and excellent sensitivity. Alumina Interdigital Electrodes (Alumina IDES) are among the most commonly used periodic electrode structures. Recent advances in such fields as nondestructive testing (NDT), microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), telecommunications, chemical sensing, piezoacoustics, and biotechnology involve interdigital electrodes in very different ways.Currently, Interdigital Electrodes (IDEs) are implemented in various sensing devices including surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors, chemical sensors as well as current MEMS biosensors.

Material Substrate Can be : Aluminium Oxide, Aluminium Nitride, glass, silicon wafers, piezoelectric ceramics, PI , FR4, PET, microwave dielectric ceramics, plastic films.

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