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Potentiometer Ceramic PCB

What's Potentiometer Ceramic PCB?

Potentiometer Ceramic PCB usd for “Position Sensors”, also calls Potentiometer Thick Film Ceramic PCB, is the Ceramic PCB with an inexpensive and easy to use position sensor. It has a wiper contact linked to a mechanical shaft that can be either angular (rotational) or linear (slider type) in its movement, and which causes the resistance value between the wiper/slider and the two end connections to change giving an electrical signal output that has a proportional relationship between the actual wiper position on the resistive track and its resistance value. In other words, resistance is proportional to position. Potentiometer Ceramic PCB come in a wide range of designs and sizes such as the commonly available round rotational type or the longer and flat linear slider types. When used as a position sensor the moveable object is connected directly to the rotational shaft or slider of the Potentiometer Ceramic PCB.

As their name implies, Potentiometer Ceramic PCB detect the position of something which means that they are referenced either to or from some fixed point or position. These types of sensors provide a “positional” feedback.

One method of determining a position, is to use either “distance”, which could be the distance between two points such as the distance travelled or moved away from some fixed point, or by “rotation” (angular movement). For example, the rotation of a robots wheel to determine its distance travelled along the ground. Either way, Potentiometer Ceramic PCB can detect the movement of an object in a straight line using Linear Sensors or by its angular movement using Rotational Sensors.

Appilcation:Audio potentiometer, automobile potentiometer, position sensing potentiometer, industrial potentiometer, linear sensing potentiometeror

SPEC: Resistane Value 200 K ohm +/-10% (Customizable)

Linearity tolerance: < +/-1.5%

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